Lunes, Setyembre 21, 2015

What is PPC? And Why You Should Start It Now

pay per click

Driving traffic to your site is not an easy thing to do. It's not something that will just come right at you just because you have an awesome site, services or product to offer. You need a good digital marketing strategy if you are truly determined to boost your traffic.

One example of this is venturing your site into PPC advertising ( Pay Per Click ).

PPC or pay per click is a kind of online marketing technique in which you as an advertisers will pay a fee to a publisher each time your ad is clicked, served or engage in it. In short, it's a form of buying a visits to your site (paid traffic). Google Adwords is the best example of PPC advertising and probably the most popular one worldwide.

Here's a list of reasons why PPC advertising is worth a try :

1. You only pay per click, impression or engage in you ads - With PPC, you only pay every time someone click on you ads or depending on what types of engagement you set, you may choose to pay only per how many times it was shown or serve (impression) or per acqussition. It's not like any traditional advertising where you only pay but never really learn how many sees it or if it really drives traffic to your website.

2. Set budget your own for your ads - Most of the time PPC advertising network lets you control and set your budget per ad campaign. It's great since you may study the PPC platform first and able try different costs per ads and see how it works.

3. Target location and time your ads will appear - Another great thing about PPC is that most of them has targeting option. You can set on what location or what time your ads will be serve, and also what devices, target keywords, interest and more. Targeting option is definitely cool because it make you ads only appear or be seen by the right people which more likely to convert and budget friendly as it will not consume your budget in an instance without getting traffic leads you need.

4. Track your PPC marketing data - Yes! what make PPC worth a try is that you can track data statistics on how people behave on your ads. You'll be able to see what ads performs well compare to others from conversion, clicks, impression, device, location, keywords and etc. With these you can easily study what changes you need to be done in order to optimize your ppc campaign.

5. The result is faster compare to organic traffic - Since it's a paid traffic, you'll see a boost on number of your website visitors quickly compare to organic traffic.

Adding PPC on your online marketing campaign can be crucial to your successs but you also need to study it first and learn the pros and cons before you do it. For more info about pay per click, you can check this out :