Lunes, Setyembre 14, 2015

Understanding Google Panda Algorithm Update

google panda

Google Panda Update is a search ranking algorithm released by Google in February 2011. The main goal of this update is to lower the ranking of "low quality sites or thin sites" and reward high quality websites on the top of the search result.

Here's a list of reason why your website may get hit by Goolgle Panda Update sooner or later.

  • Low quality or irrelevant content - If your website content doesn't give any value to user or has content that is completely irrelevant to your website main topic then you're probably in the list of next Google Panda's victim. Never populate your site with low quality content because it may only get hurt its search ranking once Google panda hit it.
  •  Keyword Stuffing or overused of keywords - Keep your main keyword topic flow naturally within your site. Avoid doing a lot of keyword repetition or populate your whole website with keywords because this won't work for long.
  •  Low Speed Website - Come on, everyone hates it and so as Google Panda too. Having a website that takes forever to load is obviously a big sign of being low quality so better keep this as one of your top priority.
  • Duplicate Content - Avoid having duplicate content issues within your site because this may also give Google panda a reason to hit you if the issues get worst. Solving duplicate content can be a bit tricky sometimes because it may need a few technical knowledge to fix it. You may read more details about duplicate content here :

These are just 4 basic things that you need avoid if you want your website get safe from the upcoming google panda update. You should not rely too much on seo strategy because it can only break your site if overdone. Remember that creating quality content that give value to user should be your main priority if you want long term success on Google search engine result.