Huwebes, Setyembre 10, 2015

Things You Must Know Before Doing Search Engine Optimization For Your Site

Are you planning to start search engine optimization strategies to improve your organic traffic from Google search but doesn't have any idea where and how to start?

I guess before you start jumping into bandwagon and do it, it's better to learn about Google first and how this world's biggest search engine works.

Here's first 3 things you must learn if you really want success in Google search engine.

1. Learn how Google search works - Search engine optimization is not a magic. It's a strategy to help and make your website ready so Google can properly index all your pages and rank it to every keywords that best describe your site and its pages so that searchers can get the most possible and relevant result.

2. Study Google Webmaster Guidelines - Maybe you've already heard about SEO's doing some black hat tactics to manipulate search ranking in order to get lots of traffic. But beware about it. It maybe true that some of them works for now but it won't guarantee you that this technique will work long term as Google continuously innovate their search engine. This shady tactics will definitely get caught and for worst, it will only penalize your site and get banned from Google. I strongly suggest to read their guidelines first and follow its rules it if you really want a long term success in your organic traffic and of course make the search engine a better place.

3. Learn to use  Google Search Console and Google Analytics - Lastly, you don't want to miss this two important tool. These tool definitely a must if you want your to learn about your traffic and how Google sees your site.

Getting success from Google search is definitely not an easy feat but if we just learn to follow its guidelines and avoid doing black hat strategy, getting long term traffic from Google search ain't really that hard.