Miyerkules, Agosto 26, 2015

Why You Should Use Google Search Console?

Do you have a website or blog? Do you want to learn how your website perform on google search and always concern about how you will able to improve your traffic and user experience?

If your answer to these question is yes then I guess you need to start using Google Search Console ( formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool )

Google Search Console is a powerful tool and resources to help webmaster, website owners or online marketer monitor their website performance from Google search. This tool gives you lots of important data on what changes you need to be done in order for your site to become user friendly and perform well on Google search result.

Here are the 3 of my most favorite features on using Google Search Console :

  • Search Analytics - This awesome feature gives you data on how your website performs on Google search. Here, you'll discover what search queries, device, country and pages are sending your website the most clicks, impression, click though rate and their average ranking position.
  • Html Improvement - This shows you data on how many duplicate title tags and meta description on your site, as well as if they are too short or too long. Title Tags and Meta Description can be crucial to your website success because they gives user an initial information about your site and may improve click through rate on SERP. It also tells search engine useful info about your site.
  • Links to your site - Here you'll discover other site who links the most on your site. It also tells your most linked content and how they are linked in keywords.

Those are just 3 and it has more such as mobile usability, crawl error, data highlighter, international targetting, index status and other feature that will surely help you make your website more user friendly and search engine friendly.

Here's a video for more clear info about Google Search Console.

Video Credit : Google Webmasters