Lunes, Hunyo 22, 2015

What Is SEO And Why You Need It For Your Business Website

SEO or Search engine Optimization is one of the most important part of Digital marketing. It can increase your potential customers online by ensuring that your website will rank higher in search engine result especially on first page. One big part of this strategy is that you'll have to create some changes on your website in order for it to be optimized and get found by search engine ahead of your competitors.

Here's a few reason why SEO is crucial for your business success :

1. From 2012, did you know that 61% of global internet users search for product online and it still increasing until now. High percentage of it resulted to purchased. And did you know that based on research 86% of consumers use search engine for them to discover new product and updates which help them increase their knowledge about the product and help them to decide for their next purchase.

2. SEO is much cheaper ( cost-effective ) yet it is as effective or even better on getting potential customers or clients compare to PPC/SEM, Social Media Marketing or Affiate Marketing.

3. Your competitors are already doing it! maybe you just happen to read about seo right now but your competitors knew it already and doing seo for their site for a while now and stolen lots of potential customers that you may get.

For more detailed reasons on why your business should invest in SEO, you can read it here :

Search engine optimization should be a big part of your online marketing strategy and its far more important than before. Having the best product or services won't be enough if your competitors will just outrank you on search engine, getting the customers or clients that you much deserve.