Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Love Running Too

I love running

As the title of this blog says it all, you will obviously know that I really love basketball. I started playing basketball seriously when I’m in 6th grade, I believe I’m only 11 years old that time. But before that, there is really one sport that is always playing on to my mind to pursue and that sport is running. In my elementary days I really wanna join and try it out to play in school intramurals but unluckily for me, I never got accepted. Obviously I know it because I’m just too slow, clumsy and very skinny on that days (LOL! even until now ).

Running is one of the most popular sport and best form of exercise today and also one of the most easiest to learn. It’s easy because there’s really not much rule to follow, all you need is to run and you can easily do it almost anywhere. It’s also a perfect sport and form of exercise to those people who always busy in their work. Running is really quite popular here in the Philippines. As I said, aside from basketball as my favorite sports, running is really the second sport that I really want to do. In fact until now, me and some of my friends usually do it whenever we don’t feel like playing basketball but we want to exercise ourselves. We do run in a seashore for least 5 kilometers per run. But what I really wanted and hoping to join someday is an actual marathon event. But unluckily for me because it’s so rarely in our place to have such an event like marathon, that’s why I never really experience joining and running in any marathon event. I really want to test myself to see if I can finish 10k to 20k run, I’m not sure If I can survive that. I so wanted to experience the thrill, fun and challenge If ever I run in a marathon someday. Maybe If I just have the time and budget to come and join the event in other places, I‘ll surely do it.

I really hope, I can join and run in a marathon someday. I always promise myself to do that that if I ever have a chance. But for now maybe I should first need to earn some money for me to buy pair of great and quality running shoes before I plan to join a running event. I just stumbled a while ago in this running apparel online store and I must say that the products that they offer looks really promising especially their running shoes, like Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 Road Running and Inov8 Roclite 295 Trail Running Shoes. Anyway if ever you want to buy good quality running shoes online, I believe is best site to visit because they offer top quality running shoes in the world and importanly they are available in any country.


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