Lunes, Setyembre 21, 2015

What is PPC? And Why You Should Start It Now

pay per click

Driving traffic to your site is not an easy thing to do. It's not something that will just come right at you just because you have an awesome site, services or product to offer. You need a good digital marketing strategy if you are truly determined to boost your traffic.

One example of this is venturing your site into PPC advertising ( Pay Per Click ).

PPC or pay per click is a kind of online marketing technique in which you as an advertisers will pay a fee to a publisher each time your ad is clicked, served or engage in it. In short, it's a form of buying a visits to your site (paid traffic). Google Adwords is the best example of PPC advertising and probably the most popular one worldwide.

Here's a list of reasons why PPC advertising is worth a try :

1. You only pay per click, impression or engage in you ads - With PPC, you only pay every time someone click on you ads or depending on what types of engagement you set, you may choose to pay only per how many times it was shown or serve (impression) or per acqussition. It's not like any traditional advertising where you only pay but never really learn how many sees it or if it really drives traffic to your website.

2. Set budget your own for your ads - Most of the time PPC advertising network lets you control and set your budget per ad campaign. It's great since you may study the PPC platform first and able try different costs per ads and see how it works.

3. Target location and time your ads will appear - Another great thing about PPC is that most of them has targeting option. You can set on what location or what time your ads will be serve, and also what devices, target keywords, interest and more. Targeting option is definitely cool because it make you ads only appear or be seen by the right people which more likely to convert and budget friendly as it will not consume your budget in an instance without getting traffic leads you need.

4. Track your PPC marketing data - Yes! what make PPC worth a try is that you can track data statistics on how people behave on your ads. You'll be able to see what ads performs well compare to others from conversion, clicks, impression, device, location, keywords and etc. With these you can easily study what changes you need to be done in order to optimize your ppc campaign.

5. The result is faster compare to organic traffic - Since it's a paid traffic, you'll see a boost on number of your website visitors quickly compare to organic traffic.

Adding PPC on your online marketing campaign can be crucial to your successs but you also need to study it first and learn the pros and cons before you do it. For more info about pay per click, you can check this out :

Lunes, Setyembre 14, 2015

Understanding Google Panda Algorithm Update

google panda

Google Panda Update is a search ranking algorithm released by Google in February 2011. The main goal of this update is to lower the ranking of "low quality sites or thin sites" and reward high quality websites on the top of the search result.

Here's a list of reason why your website may get hit by Goolgle Panda Update sooner or later.

  • Low quality or irrelevant content - If your website content doesn't give any value to user or has content that is completely irrelevant to your website main topic then you're probably in the list of next Google Panda's victim. Never populate your site with low quality content because it may only get hurt its search ranking once Google panda hit it.
  •  Keyword Stuffing or overused of keywords - Keep your main keyword topic flow naturally within your site. Avoid doing a lot of keyword repetition or populate your whole website with keywords because this won't work for long.
  •  Low Speed Website - Come on, everyone hates it and so as Google Panda too. Having a website that takes forever to load is obviously a big sign of being low quality so better keep this as one of your top priority.
  • Duplicate Content - Avoid having duplicate content issues within your site because this may also give Google panda a reason to hit you if the issues get worst. Solving duplicate content can be a bit tricky sometimes because it may need a few technical knowledge to fix it. You may read more details about duplicate content here :

These are just 4 basic things that you need avoid if you want your website get safe from the upcoming google panda update. You should not rely too much on seo strategy because it can only break your site if overdone. Remember that creating quality content that give value to user should be your main priority if you want long term success on Google search engine result.

Why Quality Content Is Still The King in 2015? Check this Infographics!

Over the years of digital marketing, quality content always play an important role to reach success in your online marketing effort. As google's continuous effort to push seo, online marketers and webmasters to create quality content using their algorithm update to stop them from trying to manipulate their search. Creating quality content on your website and executing the right content marketing plan could be your savior for the success of your brand or product online.

To see more info on how quality content can influence your seo and online marketing strategy, you may read this awesome infographic below :

quality content is king

Huwebes, Setyembre 10, 2015

Things You Must Know Before Doing Search Engine Optimization For Your Site

Are you planning to start search engine optimization strategies to improve your organic traffic from Google search but doesn't have any idea where and how to start?

I guess before you start jumping into bandwagon and do it, it's better to learn about Google first and how this world's biggest search engine works.

Here's first 3 things you must learn if you really want success in Google search engine.

1. Learn how Google search works - Search engine optimization is not a magic. It's a strategy to help and make your website ready so Google can properly index all your pages and rank it to every keywords that best describe your site and its pages so that searchers can get the most possible and relevant result.

2. Study Google Webmaster Guidelines - Maybe you've already heard about SEO's doing some black hat tactics to manipulate search ranking in order to get lots of traffic. But beware about it. It maybe true that some of them works for now but it won't guarantee you that this technique will work long term as Google continuously innovate their search engine. This shady tactics will definitely get caught and for worst, it will only penalize your site and get banned from Google. I strongly suggest to read their guidelines first and follow its rules it if you really want a long term success in your organic traffic and of course make the search engine a better place.

3. Learn to use  Google Search Console and Google Analytics - Lastly, you don't want to miss this two important tool. These tool definitely a must if you want your to learn about your traffic and how Google sees your site.

Getting success from Google search is definitely not an easy feat but if we just learn to follow its guidelines and avoid doing black hat strategy, getting long term traffic from Google search ain't really that hard.

Why You Need To Start Social Media Marketing Now?

Social media definitely became a trend to almost everyone. That's why most digital marketer make it a big part of their digital marketing strategy.

Here's a list of reasons why and you need to start your social media marketing now :
  • Increase Brand Awareness - Social media can give you a big boost on improving your brand awareness to people. As smartphones and tablet user continuous to grow, people will surely has more easy access to their social media account. Businesses should take advantage of this to reach their customer not just to hard sell but to also introduce their brand with the right marketing strategy.
  • Improve Customer Service - As a business, you know you should not just focus on increasing your sale but also need to know your customer opinions about your product or services. With your social media page or profile, your customer or client can easily message you in an instant without the need to call your office numbers or email you. This greatly level up your customer service to the next level.
  • Develop Trust and Relationship - By sharing content or message using your social media page, your followers can easily engage into it and let them feel your a trusted business and you will easily get their feedback or their opinions on how you will be able to improve your product or services. It's also a great place to share news update about your business to keep your valuable customers or clients updated all the time.
  • Increase your sales - Since you get to increase your brand awareness, improve customer service and able to develop trust and relationship to your customer by including social media in your marketing campaign, it will surely bring you leads and sales.

Adding social media marketing for your business is definitely suggested if you really want to reach your customers online. But you must also be wary and must study it carefully because it requires right people and resources if you don't want your social media marketing campaign be wasted.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 2, 2015

3 Simple Tips To Make A User Friendly Website

Website is almost a must for every business today. Lots of people really put an effort and invest into it, simply because having a site may give lots of advantage compare to those who don't.

But does having a website enough? I can say it's a no. Website for your business won't make sense if your target customer won't even reach it. That's the reason why you need to promote it online and even offline. But then again before you start thinking on how you will able to boost its traffic, you must first prioritize how user friendly your site to your visitor.

User experience (UX) should be one of the most important part of your digital marketing campaign. Because a happy visitors not just increase the chance to convert into sales or sign ups but it may also lead them to recommend your site to others.

Here's 3 of the most important things to consider to improve your website user experience.

  •  Website Responsiveness - Not saying it's a must but lets face it, almost everyone has their own smartphone or tablet today. If you try to research about it you'll learn that average online sales and searches made from mobile user around the world are rapidly increasing until now and will eventually beat the percentage of desktop user sooner or later. Even the biggest search engine like Google itself launch their new algorithm that will favor responsive website in their search result.
  • Site Speed - This is pretty a common sense. Obviously if you put yourself  as a visitor, then you definitely hates website that takes long to load right? Having a very slow website is definitely a big problem because it will only push your visitors away from your site.
  • Navigation - Who cares how cool your design is? if you visitors can't even navigate or find the right pages that they are looking then your website user experience fail and will surely lead for your visitors to leave your site in the moment. Good navigation for your site is always suggested especially for site who has large number of pages. You must properly categories your pages and make sure people can easily see and reach it. Putting a search box, clear navigation menu tab and sitemap are few suggestions you can use to improve your site navigation.

For more tips on how to improve your site user experience, you can visit the link below :

Miyerkules, Agosto 26, 2015

Why You Should Use Google Search Console?

Do you have a website or blog? Do you want to learn how your website perform on google search and always concern about how you will able to improve your traffic and user experience?

If your answer to these question is yes then I guess you need to start using Google Search Console ( formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool )

Google Search Console is a powerful tool and resources to help webmaster, website owners or online marketer monitor their website performance from Google search. This tool gives you lots of important data on what changes you need to be done in order for your site to become user friendly and perform well on Google search result.

Here are the 3 of my most favorite features on using Google Search Console :

  • Search Analytics - This awesome feature gives you data on how your website performs on Google search. Here, you'll discover what search queries, device, country and pages are sending your website the most clicks, impression, click though rate and their average ranking position.
  • Html Improvement - This shows you data on how many duplicate title tags and meta description on your site, as well as if they are too short or too long. Title Tags and Meta Description can be crucial to your website success because they gives user an initial information about your site and may improve click through rate on SERP. It also tells search engine useful info about your site.
  • Links to your site - Here you'll discover other site who links the most on your site. It also tells your most linked content and how they are linked in keywords.

Those are just 3 and it has more such as mobile usability, crawl error, data highlighter, international targetting, index status and other feature that will surely help you make your website more user friendly and search engine friendly.

Here's a video for more clear info about Google Search Console.

Video Credit : Google Webmasters