Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CP3 Shows Off! His Crazy Dribbling Skills at Seattle Pro Am Midnight Madness!

Are you a big fan of Chris Paul a.k.a CP3? Do you miss how Chris Paul play? If yes! then better watch this video and see again his nasty handles and sick move in Seattle Pro Am Midnight Madness!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Brandon Jennings : Kobe Bryant Is Real The Goat!

As an nba fanatic I'm sure most of you guys always wonder and fight who really is the best and greatest NBA player of all time among Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Of course, most people specially those one who has been a fan of nba since 1980's will still claimed that Michael Jordan is the GOAT while the younger one of this generation who never been watch MJ play will surely choose Kobe over Him.

I think having to listen to different peoples opinion is really fun and sometimes a bit annoying because some may talk nonsense with a very shallow point about the other sides. I'm pretty sure this debate about who's the real G.O.A.T  won't be gone for a long time.

One big example of this is Brandon Jennings who just recently shared his thought on his twitter account about who's the real GOAT in NBA. If you don't know him, Jennings is veteran nba star caliber point guard who is also a big fan of Kobe Bryant.

Here's what's Brandon shared on his twitter :

Monday, August 18, 2014

Kobe and Lebron, Ice Bucket Challenged Accepted!

Have you ever heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge? This is created by the ALS association, the challenge let the nominated one choose to dump a bucket of ice into his heard or choose to donate to ALS Association instead.

Ice Bucket Challenge spread like wildfire all over social media networking sites. It's actually a chain challenge to be able to donate to the ALS association for the Lou Gehrig's disease. 

Two of the greatest NBA players accepted the said challenge. These two have done the challenge in a creatively unique way. These two are none other than: Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers (For those who don't know) done the challenge in an ice bath. He was nominated by former teammate Derek Fisher, Dwyane Wade and ESPN’s Darren Rovell. After the challenge, kobe nominated USWNT player Sydney Leroux, Nike CEO Mark Parker and Element founder Johnny Schillereff. 

Meanwhile, Lebron James of the Cleveleand Cavaliers had also done the challenge too in a boat. He was nominated by Kevin Durant, Kevin Hart, DJ Steph Floss and Brandon Weems. After the challenge, he challenged his sons and the powerful man on the planet, The President of the United States, Barack Obama. 

How will the President react on the challenge? If these two NBA players can do the challenge, how about you? would you do it for a cause?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NBA 2k14 Locker Cheat Codes For PC

nba 2k14

Playing NBA 2k14 is definitely fun and challenging. But not when you start to get bored and have a hard time playing it. If you ever be on that situation then you can start to use this NBA 2k14 locker cheat codes for you to revive and have fun.
Go to main menu and then select the "Features" option and choose "Locker Codes" , after that you can now enter one of the following codes listed below for you to activate the cheat function. Note: Some codes may expire in time.

#BOXOFCHOCOLATES - This a code for you to get a random reward.

SLPERBIRTOEN - This a code to unlock the Hang Time dunk package for  MyCareer player.

SPRITEBUBBLES - This a code to unlock the Lift Off dunk package for your MyCareer player.

HARRISONSLAM - This a code to unlock the Harrison Barnes dunk package for your MyCareer player.

#IGGY9NBAPLAYOFFS - This is a code to unlock the Ruby Iguodala.

2K+SPRITE - This is a code to unlock Zero Gravity dunk package for MyCareer player. It allows your Player to jump over defenders and able to do unique dunks, no matter what the stats are of the player.

payrespect - This a code to unlock the ABA ball.


    Do you want to max out your MyCareer Player's stats and skills without buying or having a hard time on obtaining skill points?

    Sunday, August 3, 2014

    Check Out This New Nike Hyperdunk 2014 City Pack

    Craving for a new nike hyperdunk kicks? Why don't you just wait for this latest shoe version of Nike Hyperdunk 2014 City Pack this August, 2014. Hyperdunk City Pack features 4 type of colorways inspired by popular basketball cities of Chicago, Newyork, Los Angeles and District Of Columbia.

    Who's not going to like this new Hyperdunk?

    I'm sure most basketball shoe lover will surely crave for this one. Much more if you live on one of these four big basketball cities that represent in this pack!!

    Nike Hyperdunk Chicago

    Nike Hyperdunk Chicago

    Nike Hyperdunk Chicago

    Nike Hyperdunk 2014 - Chicago Pack
    Dark Grey/ Hyper Crimson - Volt

    Nike Hyperdunk New York

    Nike Hyperdunk New York

    Nike Hyperdunk 2014 - New York City Pack
    Dark Grey/Dark Grey-Volt

    Friday, August 1, 2014

    Is Derrick Rose Back?

    As the USA Basketball Team is getting ready for the upcoming 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain, everybody in the USA basketball camp training was impressed by the return of Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls. Coaches together with other NBA players in the camp noticed an spectacular improvement on derrick rose status claiming that he's the most impressive guy in the camp.

    Suffered from bad - ACL injury that prevented him to play for almost two season in the NBA, Derrick Rose is now back and ready to show everyone for doubting him if he can still be an elite all star like before.

     "I still have goals. Seeing those doubters out there, it's gonna be funny seeing them eat their words." - Derrick Rose

    Confident than ever Derrick Rose is on a mission to show, to prove and to shut the mouth of all his critics that he still has the MVP caliber like he used to be.
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