Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins Trade Talk, Will It Really Going To Happen?

kevin love andrew wiggins

NBA trade humor spread all over the news about Cleaveland Cavalier's newly acquired no.1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins now at trade talks for Minessota Timberwolves All Star forward Kevin Love. At first, Cavs told sources that they don't have any plans to trade their young prodigy, Andrew Wiggins. But a sudden change of air in the decision, when Lebron James decided to comeback to his home team. Lebron expressed an interest that he wants Kevin Love to help him win his first ring in his home team.

Recently, league sources told ESPN that the Cavs are now offering no.1 pick Andrew Wiggins, last year's no.1 pick Anthony Bennett together with their future first rounder pick to Kevin Love. If this trade humor comes into reality, then another big three ( Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love) will surely awaits for the Cavs Franchise team which will definitely be a huge combo if ever their game get to click with each other. But if we think of this carefully, this trade is actually a hard decision to make for both teams. As we talk about an already proven all-star caliber forward, Kevin Love, who clearly showed amazing stats in his career versus a young prodigy, Andrew Wiggins, who has the possibility to become a huge superstar just like Lebron James or Kevin Durant.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pau Gasol Agreed To Play At Chicago Bulls

pau gasol chicago bulls

After playing for seven years in Los Angeles Lakers, the veteran all star caliber center Pau Gasol from spain is now ready to enter a new journey of his career to play at Chicago Bulls. He agreed and signed for a 22 million dollar three year contract deal to join chicago bulls this upcoming season.

Pau Gasol is one the main force which helped the Los Angeles Lakers appeared in three straight NBA Championship and won two titles from it. He showed superb offensive skills as an all star center during their three straight championship season and even despite this latter part when kobe is not playing in the team due to injury, Pau still showed that he's still a reliable center and offensive machine to compete and carry his team. He may not be the same as before but still stats don't lie as he can still provide good numbers every game that every team need as a big offensive force.

Miami Heat Moves On After Losing Lebron James

Not so long ago the Miami Heat loses a big superstar in the league Lebron James, as he goes back to his old hometown team Cleaveland Cavaliers. Despite of the big loss, Miami Heat moves on and try to rebuild their team as they closed the deal to add an elite veteran forward Luol Deng, Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger in their roster next season and resign their former main man Dwyane Wade together with Chris Bosh who agreed to sign five year max deal and Mario Chalmers who also agreed to resign for 2 year contract

lebron james dwyane wade
image taken from bleacherreport.net

Still stunned from losing Lebron James who help their team to four consecutive championship and won two titles from it. The Miami Heat Franchise accepted the new challenge to rebuild their team to compete and prove they are still a championship team without Lebron James.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

NBA 2014 All-Star Weekend Foot Locker Events Participants

nba all star 2014

NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND 2014 is coming and I'm sure all of you basketball fan are feeling excited about this yearly NBA event that will take place on February 14 to 16 at New Orleans. I must admit that I'm quite sad and disappointed in this current nba season because of every injury news that happened specially to those big names like Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook and more who really suffered in this unlucky moment in their career. But despite all of that, NBA is always fun to watch since there are still lots of exciting players today especially the young ones. Here are the list of event and player participants that you will expect to play in these upcoming all nba all star weekend :D

 NBA All-Star Game Line Up :


Carmelo Anthony ( New York Knicks )
Paul George ( Indiana Pacers )
Lebron James ( Miami Heat )
Kyrie Irving ( Cleaveland Cavaliers )
Dwyane Wade ( Miami Heat )
Chris Bosh ( Miami Heat )
Demar DeRozan ( Raptors )
Roy Hibbert ( Indiana Pacers )
Joe Johnson ( Brooklyn Nets )
Paul Millsap ( Atlanta Hawks )
Joakim Noah ( Chicago Bulls )
John Wall ( Washington Wizard )


Kevin Durant ( Oklahoma Thunder )
Blake Griffin ( Los Angeles Clippers )
Kevin Love ( Minessota Timberwolves )
Kobe Bryant ( Los Angeles Lakers )
Stephen Curry ( Golden State Warriors )
LaMarcus Aldridge ( Portland Blazers )
Anthony Davis ( New Orleans Pelicans )
James Harden ( Houston Rockets )
Dwight Howard ( Houston Rockets )
Damian Lillard ( Portland Blazers )
Dirk Nowitzki ( Dallas Mavericks )
Tony Parkey ( San Antonio Spurs )
Chris Paul ( Los Angeles Clippers )

Weekend Foot Locker Three-Point Contest Participants:


Arron Afflalo ( Orlando Magic )
Kyrie Irving ( Cleaveland Cavaliers )
Bradley Beal ( Washington Wizard )
Joe Johnson ( Brooklyn Nets )


Kevin Love ( Minessota Timberwolves )
Damian Lillard ( Portland Blazers )
Marco Bellineli ( San Antonio Spurs )
Stephen Curry ( Golden State Warriors )

Weekend Sprite Slam-Dunk Contest Participants


Paul George ( Indiana Pacers)
John Wall ( Washington Wizard )
Terrence Ross ( Toronto Raptors )


Ben McLemore ( Sacramento Kings )
Damian Lillard ( Portland Blazers )
Harrison Barnes ( Golden State Warriors )

Taco Bell Skills Challenge Participants


Team One:

Giannis Antetokounmpo ( Milwaukee Bucks )
DeMar DeRozan ( Toronto Raptors )

Team Two:

Michael Carter-Williams ( Philadelphia Sixers )
Victor Oladipo ( Orlando Magic )


Team One:

Trey Burke ( Utah Jazz )
Damian Lillard ( Portland Blazers )

Team Two

Goran Dragic ( Phoenix Suns )
Reggie Jackson ( Oklahoma Thunder )

Weekend BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge Participants:

Team Hill

Damian Lillard ( Portland Blazers )
Bradley Beal ( Washington Wizard )
Andre Drummond ( Detroit Piston )
Harrison Barnes ( Golden State Warriors )
Terrence Jones ( Houston Rockers )
Giannis Antetokounmpo ( Milwaukee Bucks )
Jonas Valanciunas ( Toronto Raptors )
Dion Waiters ( Cleveland Cavaliers )
Pero Antic ( Atlanta Hawks )

Team Webber

Anthony Davis (NOR)
Michael Carter-Williams (PHI)
Tim Hardaway Jr (NYK)
Trey Burke (UTA)
Jared Sullinger (BOS)
Mason Plumlee (BRK)
Victor Oladipo (ORL)
Steven Adams (OKC)
Kelly Olynyk (BOS)

Weekend Sears Shooting Stars Contest Participants:


Team 1:

Tim Hardaway Jr. (NYK)
Tim Hardaway Sr. (Legend)
Elena Delle Donne (WNBA, CHI)

Team 2:

Chris Bosh (MIA)
Dominique Wilkins (Legend)
Swin Cash (WNBA, CHI)


Team 1:

Stephen Curry (GSW)
Dell Curry (Legend)
Becky Hammon (WNBA, SAS)

Team 2:

Kevin Durant (OKC)
Karl Malone (Legend)
Skylar Diggins (WNBA, TUL)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Multi-Purpose Car Roof Rack Accessories for Your BMW X3

The German automobile giant proudly presents the never-imagined range of car accessories at attractive prices. BMW is an ultimate piece of luxury and an owner's pride, thus requiring the best and most efficient roof racks for moving in style. The all new high quality BMW X3 roof racks provides car users with ample storage, convenience and flexibility.

Irresistible Features
These unique roof racks are designed especially for your super stylish cars and offers practicality with security. BMW X3 roof racks are strong, light weighted and corrosion resistant. They are made from high tensile aluminum tubing and can be installed easily. These roof racks are compatible with different types of car accessories ranging from bicycle racks to cargo boxes. The remarkably string support system is completed with stiff security coded bolts.

Other Distinct BMW Roof Racks
Varied roof racks under the brand BMW include, Master fir cargo box, Double Decker surfboard, Hull raiser kayak rack, Roll model kayak rack, Airfoil roof top, and Gunwale canoe bracelets etc. Customer reviews worldwide are quite positive as these roof racks can fit perfectly and are extremely easy to use. The unbeatable prices, easy installation, and superior technology makes them highly recommended for all popular machines. Even customized roof racks are available for carrying bikes, bicycles, cargo boxes, bags, snowboard racks, skis, and water sport racks. Other categories of racks include, travel gear, rack locks, child carriers, home storage racks, tire chains, and van & tuck racks. For example, with the rise in bike commuting, various bicycle racks are available with varied budget needs. Similarly high quality and innovative storage solutions have been developed for the home storage needs as well. The clutter of bikes, and skies can now be organized in a better way, removing unnecessary stress while commuting.

Installation and Shipping Tips
The durable and light weighted roof tops are designed specifically for your popular machine. These can be purchased from any authorized BMW centre and comes with the BMW guarantee. Facilities of free ground shipping and secured transactions have made it the most desirable accessory. The best designs with appropriate fittings have enabled car users to accommodate extra luggage during long trips. While selecting a good cargo carrier, one must check that the chosen product has tough quality, best looks, weather proof, competitive prices and ample space to offer. The finest roof racks are selected from trusted manufacturers like Thule, Weather Tech and Curt. Detailed installation manual with safety tips are provided with each product for easy mounting. Products are shipped free of cost to the user with extensive warranties. The fantastic, high quality and comfortable roof racks are available with the best customer service. The company advises car users to purchase these items after conducting real life testing of these products. This is because customer satisfaction is the foremost thing on their minds.

Thus, these unique roof rack features will make your car the biggest head turner of the world. Your high performance car will be enriched with genuine BMW accessories.

All about the National Basketball Association

Every basketball player's dream is to make it professionally in this sport as part of the National Basketball Association. By becoming an NBA player the player gets access to the hottest basketball gaming action across the United States and become one of the world highest paid sportsperson. This is because the NBA is the United States main professional basketball league. It has 29 franchises across the United States and one in Canada.  The various divisions that constitute the NBA include Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest.

Members of the NBA teams begin their training in camps after the summer break. During the training period, players are evaluated for their proficiency in the game and they are asked to address their weakness. After this follows a series of preseason games and matches in which people get to see the players in action. The regular gaming season of the NBA begins in final week of October.  Its basketball matches are highly watched and anticipating, thus generating a lot of spectator interest.

Before the start of the season NBA analysis news is released. Since NBA matches are very popular game, they are examined in detail by sport experts every year before the start of the game. This analysis tells you which players are going to part of various teams of the league. It predicts which teams are more likely to win matches based on a study of player strengths and weakness, preseason game outcomes and much more. Any new comments made by organizers, players, coaches etc are also given.

The latest upcoming matches are discussed in detail, based on the players that constitute the team. There is also a detailed examination of every player which looks into their capabilities and past performance. This analysis information is important for people who are going to take up basketball sports betting. It can be used to put betting money into teams that are more likely to succeed in the game and thereby make money from betting.

Reading the NBA analysis gives vital information on what to look for in a game between two teams, both of which are analyzed in detail. Those who are new to the NBA basketball games and NBA sport betting will find reading its analysis information to give a good understanding of the game. They can use the information to place bets on different outcomes and make more money. It also give them the confidence to place more bets because they have more information and know who is likely to win a match etc .